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Compassion's Child Survival Program is a poweful way to help mothers and their babies escape the cycle of poverty. Your support will help mothers to give their babies the best possible life, despite the difficulties of living in poverty. The odds are survival are already stacked against babies born in poverty, and the Child Survival Program offers an opportunity to change this reality. Your prayers and financial support are invaluable.

The Child Survival Program works through the local church to help mothers learn to care for their babies. The program teaches mothers about breastfeeding, offers nutritional counseling, food supplements and vitamins, immunizations and health care.

With Compassion, you can have confidence that the money you give through the Child Survival Program will go directly to help mothers and their babies in desperate need. When you hear the stories of the way God is changing lives through this program, you can't help but get involved.

When you help mothers and children through the Child Survival Program, you change their lives and futures forever. Why not start changing lives today?

Child Survival Program Help Babies and Mothers Starting Out

Millions of moms and babies struggle every day to simply survive in developing countries.

How Does Compassion Help?

From pregnancy through toddlerhood, the Child Survival Program offers help that moms and babies desperately need. Through our Child Survival Centers, we ensure mothers and babies in our program receive:

  • Vitamins and nutritional supplements
  • Pre-natal and post-natal medical exams to monitor mom and baby’s health
  • Monthly growth monitoring to protect the children from malnutrition
  • Immunizations and other medical care for newborns and toddlers
  • Spiritual guidance and mentoring for moms and moms to be
  • Opportunities for young children to learn cognitive and social skills
  • Workshops that teach mothers parenting skills and survival skills
  • Encouragement from other mothers
  • Home visits to check in on mother and baby

Each Child Survival Center is staffed with warm, caring, knowledgeable individuals that serve mothers and babies extremely well. Your donations give children under four years old a head start toward a healthy life!

82.4% Directly to Program
17.6% Supporting Activities
  • 99% of all maternal deaths occurs in developing countries
  • 5 Million childhood deaths occurred within the first year of life in 2012 alone
  • 800 women die every day due to causes related to pregnancy and child birth



Everyday, we help moms like Rumela.

Rumela was five months pregnant when her husband abandoned her. With no money to pay for even her own food, she heavily considered giving her child away.

Then someone from her local church reached out and invited Rumela to be a part of a Child Survival Program. Immediately she began receiving regular medical check-ups and nutritious meals. Four months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Gauri.

Since then, the local church has taught her skills that allow Rumela to earn an income so that she can meet her child’s basic needs. Because of the Child Survival Program, Rumela is raising a healthy baby girl and believing in God for what’s next!

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With Compassion, your donation is used wisely to help children around the world.


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An Organization You Can Believe In.

“As an organization, Compassion is very open with their records. They send a yearly financial analysis and have been recommended highly for their charity. My personal experience has been just as good! Compassion is worth trusting and believing in!”

– Sarah in Hillsboro, Oregon

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