What Would You Ask God?

What would you ask God if you could ask Him anything? These kids share their questions.

What Would You Ask God?

If you were to write a letter to God, what would it say? What would you ask God? I'm guessing that most adults would end up with a letter that has a serious tone and possibly some questions and concerns. Kids, though... well they submitted some really funny questions. Let’s listen in...

Kids make us laugh, but they are honest in their questions! Perhaps they are a good example of how we can ask God what is truly on our hearts.

Do you have a question for God? Perhaps you are wondering why God allows children to suffer or why He allows evil. Or maybe it's a far more personal question like, "Where were you when that car accident happened?"

No matter what your question to God, you can be assured He is listening to you. He intimately cares about you and listens to your concerns. When questioning God, it is essential to check our motives. We want to remain honest, sincere and humble before Him.

Talk to God today. He's listening.

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