What Do You Want to Be - Kids Who Are Wise Beyond Their Years

What do you want to be? It's a common question, but for many kids in poverty, there aren't many possible answers. When all a child has seen is poverty, they don’t have the freedom to have big dreams. That's where Compassion comes in. We encourage kids to dream big!

We provide customized training and educational assistance so kids and teens can reach their unique potential and utilize their God-given talents and purpose.

So, the next time you ask a child "what do you want to be," think about all those kids who want to dream big but they don't know how. Be a vital connection in helping them learn to fulfill their potential!

What Do You Want to Be - Kids Who Are Wise Beyond Their Years

When you ask a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up," you expect the typical answers. You might hear the dream of being a veterinarian or a firefighter. What happens when the kids you are asking are living in poverty? Their answers might surprise you:

Are you inspired? Even though these kids live in poverty, they dream big! They have ambitious goals and hope for the future because they have a sponsor who believes in them. They are not downcast. Instead, they live life to the fullest, knowing that their dreams can come true!

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