Virtue of Generosity

The virtue of generosity is defined as "the quality of being kind and plentiful." It contains the idea of showing a readiness to give more of something (like money or time) than what is expected.

For followers of Jesus, the virtue of generosity is commanded in the Bible and it is 3-fold:

  • Generosity points people to God. When we are generous, we are imitating Him and His character. We are called to be more and more like our Savior and as that happens, we’ll share more of our time, talents and money with others.
  • Generosity is in response to what God has done for us. We can be generous because of His blessing in our lives.
  • The virtue of generosity increases our faith. God is the creator of all things and He will meet our needs.

God has designed the virtue of generosity so we can be faithful without even leaving home. Consider ways you can be generous with your time, talents and money from home. There are thousands of ideas! Pray and ask God how He wants you to exhibit this virtue.

The Virtue of Generosity

Generosity is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. We can be generous with our time, our money, our home, our talents and other resources we have. When we are generous, we point people toward God. We are imitating His character. In fact, we can be generous because God has blessed us so abundantly. It is our joy to share with others.

We love the story of 12-year-old Lucas Hobbs. He is recovering from Stage 3 Hodgkin Lymphoma. How did he respond after his recovery? He commandeered a fleet of food trucks and set out to feed as many doctors, nurses, and hospital staff as possible. It was his way of saying "thank you." What a generous kid!

We can all learn from Lucas and his generous heart. Sometimes generosity is a simple “thank you” expressed with our words and our time.

As believers, generosity increases our faith and demonstrates that our faith is not founded in material possessions. God is the creator of all. He is the center of our faith and He is powerful to meet our needs.

Please consider giving to a child in need today. Through Compassion, you can impact the life of a child through the virtue of generosity. You can correspond with the child through letters and photos, letting him know you care. Your letters will pass along that she has hope for the future. Your sponsorship will also provide for his or her basic needs like medical care, clean water, and the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

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