God, Have Mercy! - A Prayer for Kids to have Mercy and Grace

As women, we love to finish projects - to get that sense of accomplishment that comes with wrapping up the job. As a mom, though, "finishing" tends to take on a slightly different meaning. The laundry basket is only empty for 12 seconds and as soon as the toys are picked up, the toddler dumps out the toy basket.

We can check off each item off our to-do list and fall into bed, understanding that the same list will be waiting for us in the morning. Motherhood is a never-ending responsibility.

As mothers, we exhibit mercy with our kids every day. We can choose to show compassion in our attitudes, words and actions. We seek to answer the need with self-sacrificing service to our children and others.

Take a moment today to pray for God's mercy to be evident in your life.

Noodle On It
In what ways can you respond with mercy toward your kids today?
Is there someone in your sphere of influence who needs an extra dose of mercy today? How can you show God’s love to them?

Verses about Mercy
Psalm 145:9
Luke 6:36
Ephesians 2:4
Titus 3:5
1 Peter 1:3

Apply it
Discuss a service project with your children. Come up with an idea to show mercy to someone in need. Then put feet to your idea and show mercy together!

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