Call for Help

Have you ever been in an emergency situation? Maybe someone at school started choking or maybe you were involved in a car accident. How do we get help when we need it? Most often, we call for help. That call for help might be to the police, the fire department or an ambulance.

Do you realize who Jesus called on when He was in distress in the Garden of Gethsemane? Jesus was very upset because He knew He was going to die soon. He also knew that the disciples would run away and not help Him. He was exhausted from sorrow. Perhaps Jesus was asking God to give Him the courage He needed for what was about to happen. Do you remember how God answered Jesus’ prayer? He sent an angel to strengthen Jesus.

We can follow Jesus’ example. When we find ourselves in a situation where we’re scared, we can pray to God and ask for courage. He is always listening and He loves to hear from us.

Passages to Read as a Family
Luke 22:40-53

Noodle on it!
Why did Jesus go to the Garden of Gethsemane?
What happened when Jesus asked the disciples to pray?
When you’re in a situation where you’re scared, how do you respond? How can God help you?

Prayer Suggestions
Practice praying out loud. Ask God to help you learn the importance of prayer.

Activity Idea
Write down three names of people you want to pray for. It could be a leader in your church or maybe a friend at school. How about adding one person you don’t like very much? Then put your list somewhere you will see it each day, like the bathroom mirror. Take time to pray for these three people each day.


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