Mike Jeffs, General Director, Compassion International Board of Directors

Mike Jeffs

General Director

Mike Jeffs

Mike Jeffs is very aware of his Christian heritage and the impact this has had on his life. In 1987, Mike had an encounter with God that changed his whole life. A vision was birthed “to reach Australia for Christ.”

True to His Word, the Lord confirmed that this vision would be fulfilled in the area of television and media. Mike has faithfully served God in the vision and his Organization Network Communications (a retail organization with approximately 70 outlets across Australia) has been instrumental in seeing the vision become a reality with the birthing of the Australian Christian Channel (ACC) on Easter Sunday in 1999.

Through ACC, the Gospel is now being broadcast across the airways of the nation 24 hours a day. Mike serves on the Compassion Australia board and resides in the Sunshine Coast Queensland area of Australia along with his wife, Vivian.