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Provide Africa with drought relief with your non-profit donation to Compassion International. Water and supplies with be provided to children in poverty and their families.

Help African Children Survive the Drought
Africa Drought

Right now, in East Africa, an estimated 12 million people are suffering from malnutrition and a lack of food, affecting 35 to 40 percent of children under age 5.

As East Africa faces its worst drought in 60 years, high food prices and failed crops have left millions of people at risk.

Compassion’s child development centers operate in Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda.

You can help in the midst of this crisis.

GIVE. Please consider giving. You can donate by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page. You can also donate by calling us.

PRAY. Please pray for the people of East Africa at this time — for those displaced and in desperate need.

Compassion's centers in East Africa are not located in the hardest-hit areas of drought, but are increasingly being impacted by food shortages, higher food prices and the influx of refugees into their areas due to the drought in neighboring nations.

Your donation will be directed to help provide Compassion-assisted children and their families with food and other urgent necessities arising from the crisis. You'll also help provide income-security assistance and education for these families, which will lead to long-term, preventive solutions.

If you sponsor children in Africa, we will contact you if your children or their communities are directly affected. In the meantime, please continue to write to and pray for your sponsored children — you are making a huge difference in their lives.

If more money is raised than needed, any surplus funds will go to Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund so other children can survive, and thrive, through a crisis.

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