There are so many simple ways for you to release more children from poverty through fundraising, both online and in person. And we’re here to give you all the tips and resources you’ll need to be successful.

a group of kids and one adult wearing birthday party hats

Create your own online fundraiser to help the children in the world who need it most – by providing things like clean water, Bibles, disaster relief support, livestock, and other things that make a serious difference to children in poverty. You can fundraise in all kinds of fun and easy ways! Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts. Host a bake-off or a running challenge for your friends. Whatever you enjoy doing, you can turn that into a life-giving activity with your own Act for Compassion campaign.

a young child sitting underneath a spigot of running water

Every day, more than 3,800 children in the world die from easily preventable water-related diseases, including cholera and typhoid. But safe, clean water can change that. YOU can change that. Create an Act for Water fundraiser to help provide a source of safe water to children and their families! Safe water and improved sanitation help children stay healthy, remain active in school and focus their energy on overcoming poverty.

a boy holding a wrapped present

Share the Gift during the holidays and invite the people around you to give differently, by getting the Compassion Gift Catalog into their hands! Introduce them to meaningful gifts like: income-generating livestock, lifesaving food for a malnourished child, a bike, a Bible, and even a lifetime of safe, clean water. Your free Share the Gift kit includes a catalog display and other resources – everything you’ll need to share the Christmas goodness in your church, office, or at a holiday party in your home.

a young girl with a pony tail wearing a yellow and white striped shirt

This FREE digital resource consists of five 15-minute modules and includes scripts, lesson suggestions, small-group activities with supply lists and easy instructions, take-home experiences for campers, and more. Invite your VBS or summer camp participants to provide mission-critical support to those in poverty around the globe. You’ll help to open kids’ eyes to issues like water and sanitation, hunger and nutrition, and more – plus, you’ll get to show them how they can be part of the solution!

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