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16,000 kids die from hunger-related causes... every. single. day.

What if YOU can do something about it?

Welcome to Act for Compassion - a platform that exists to help you create online campaigns to take action to release children from poverty. Whether you raise funds or awareness, volunteer your time or give up your birthday...

It all starts with one act.

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How It Works

What's our goal? To get more children sponsored everywhere.

Fundraising Sponsorship

Get inspired

Think of an idea. Be original. Plan a bake sale, host a movie in the park, organize a dance party, arrange a talent show...

Ideas in Action

Create your fundraiser

Take your idea and fundraise with it! Use Compassion's digital resources to lay the groundwork and set your goals.

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Put your love into action

Share and promote your fundraiser with friends, engage your communities and reach your goal. Changing lives will uplift your own.

Do Good, Share

Get inspired

Think of an idea. Be original. Plan a bake sale, host a movie in the park, organize a dance party, arrange a talent show...

Ideas in Action

Start your campaign

Sharing sponsorship has never been easier! Use Compassion's digital resources to lay the groundwork and offer the gift of sponsorship to your community.

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Put your love into action

Share what sponsorship means to you, engage your communities and connect children with new sponsors.

Do Good, Share

Causes To Choose From

Donate your birthday! Instead of gifts, ask your friends to give to your campaign.


Act for Bibles

This year, help get more Bibles into children’s hands!


Act For Water

Give the gift of water to kids and families who need it.


Need help getting started?

Check out these tips & tricks!


Act for Haiti

Haiti is still recovering. YOU can help.


Act for Goats

Inspire your friends to give a goat… and a future.


Act for Ecuador

You can help to rebuild lives shaken by Ecuador’s earthquakes.


Connect more kids with sponsors through your own online sponsorship campaign!


Compassion impacts 360° development: Mind, body, heart, and soul

When you act, you're helping church-based child development centers around the world make a lasting difference in children's lives.


  • After-school tutoring
  • Assistance with school fees
  • Supplies and uniforms
  • Life skills and vocational training
  • Literacy classes, craft and music workshops
  • Infrastructure like classrooms and materials to run jobs and skills training workshops
  • Computer labs


  • Medical checkups, immunizations and care
  • Nutritional support
  • Education on health, sanitation and hygiene
  • Urgent medical care needs
  • Physical education spaces for motor skills development and safe places to play
  • Safe delivery and care for newborns and their moms


  • Love and encouragement from personal sponsors
  • Loving attention from program staff
  • Development of respectful social skills
  • Christ-centered spiritual counseling


  • Learning that God loves them
  • Singing and prayer
  • Age- and culture-appropriate Christian education
  • Service projects to help others
  • Spiritual development and socio-emotional support for children and their families

The gift of sponsorship

  • "I believe that God chooses a sponsor for each child; when a sponsor chooses a particular child that is just an exercise of obedience to His still small voice."

    - Neal Beard, Sponsor

  • "Compassion gives hope to parents or single mothers so they don’t have to make the difficult choice to hand their children over to an orphanage just so that they could get an education and food. Compassion IS orphan prevention. While there is breath in my lungs, Compassion is the song my heart will sing."

    - Lacey Tough Maloney, Sponsor

  • "Compassion has helped me to realize that I can help to make the difference in the life of a child growing up in extreme poverty. Our prayers for these kids and our letters show them the love of Jesus across many miles that someone does really care for them."

    - Yvonne Renolds, Sponsor