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Commitment to Children

Child development through Compassion is all about the individual child. Each child receives the holistic care she deserves to realize her full, God-created potential in life. It is only through a holistic approach to child development, an approach that carefully blends physical, social, economic and spiritual care that a child can fully mature in every facet of life and transcend a legacy of poverty.

A young Indian boy stands in the middle of some train tracks.

Every child in our sponsorship program learns about God’s love for her. Our Child Sponsorship Program includes Scripture teachings, but we do not require any child to become a Christ-follower in order to participate or receive benefits from our program. We offer our assistance irrespective of caste, creed, class or religion.

Entire communities may feel the positive impact of our presence because what happens in the life of a child ripples throughout his environment. The intervention of a Compassion child development center and your invaluable support can literally shape a child’s future. Each child can grow to be a contributor to his community. And each child can live a full, abundant life in his culture.

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