After Your Event

You did it! Thank you for speaking up for children around the world. Below are some simple next steps.

Return the sponsorship forms to Compassion.

Use the return envelope and the prepaid FedEx label to send back the completed child sponsorship forms along with any payments you receive. You can drop it off at any FedEx or arrange for a pickup via

Important note: Please do not send leftover child packets back to Compassion. We suggest praying over them and then recycling them.

For more details about what to do with child packets and completed sponsorship forms, click here.

Leave the sponsorship table up.

If you can, leave your table up for an additional week or two to display any child packets that have not been taken. If you’re available, try to be at the table after the service on those weeks. If you’re not, leave a note on the table asking people to give you their filled-out forms when they see you or send them to Compassion themselves.

A child smiling
A smiling child with a toy
A group of children together

Make a brief follow-up announcement the week after your event.

Update your church on how many people chose to sponsor a child. Thank them for responding to the call to care for the poor. If you still have children who have not been sponsored, remind your church family that they can still visit the table and sign up.

Complete your Compassion Sunday survey.

On the day after your event, you’ll receive a survey email from Compassion. We would greatly appreciate it if you took a moment to tell us about your Compassion Sunday experience. Your response is critical to helping us know how to better support amazing sponsors like you in coming years.

Continue advocating for children.

Even though your Compassion Sunday event is over, we know that your passion for releasing children from poverty doesn’t just go away. So, please continue to speak out on behalf of children! Here are a few simple ways you can advocate in everyday life:

  • Follow up with members of your church who sponsored a child at your Compassion Sunday event. Ask how it’s going. Encourage them to write letters.
  • Bring up child sponsorship to the people in your life outside church — like family members, coworkers and other friends.
  • Post about the impact of child sponsorship on social media. Check out Compassion’s YouTube channel to find inspiring videos to share.
Yvonne, Compassion Sunday host

“It is a great privilege to serve these children, and I am honored to play a small part in helping others join in the joy!”
— Nicole, Compassion Sunday host