Before Your Event

You’ve chosen a date and registered your event — it’s time to start planning.

Below is a list of the things you’ll want to take care of first:


Pray for God to use you as you speak up for children in need. We’re also praying for you.

Talk with your pastor about your presentation

Will he or she play a role in your event? How much time will you have during the service? Which event type (see below) is right for your church? Use our Pastor Booklet to help guide your conversation.

Plan your presentation

We’ve made preparing your presentation simple with two options to help you.

You can use the simple, online presentation tool to answer a few questions about your church and the child you sponsor and get a custom printable presentation of what to say.

You can also find all of the videos, PowerPoint and promotional materials you need to make your event a success on the Plan Your Presentation Page.

Talk with your church media staff

Discuss your audiovisual needs in advance so there will be no technical issues with your video, the PowerPoint presentation (if you choose to use it), etc. on the day of your event. Preview the video and other downloadable resources with your media team.

Arrange for a sponsorship table

Ask your church if they can supply a table. Secure a good location close to the entrance to the main sanctuary. On the day of your event, use a tablecloth (blue is preferable). Hang the banner and set up the tabletop display.

Promote your Compassion Sunday event

As your event date approaches, you’ll want to get the word out! Be sure to maximize all the great resources available to you online.

Candace Cameron Bure, Compassion International Sponsor

“You don't have to be a celebrity. We all have a platform and can talk to people, and we can do this together.”
— Candace Cameron Bure, actress, author, mom and Compassion sponsor