How to host a Compassion Sunday event in 3 easy steps:

Order your planning guide

As the adult, make sure you're the one to do this step! Your FREE guide includes everything your family needs to know to host a Compassion Sunday event at your church!

Register Your Event

After you work with your pastor to set a date, register your event. Again, as the adult, make sure you're the one to do this! Once you do, we'll send you a free Event Kit with T-shirts to wear on the big day, table decorations, helpful hints and more!

Host Your Event

Tell your church family why you care about kids living in poverty, show them a short video and ask them to change a life by sponsoring a waiting child!

What is Compassion Sunday?

Compassion Sunday is a special day when people like you speak up at church about children living in poverty. You can tell your church family why you care about kids in poverty and invite them to sponsor a child in need!

Evie, the 8-year-old girl in these videos, and her mom hosted a Compassion Sunday event at their church in South Carolina. Here’s how their event went (but yours can be different):

  • Evie and her mom stood on stage. They spoke for a few moments about why child poverty is a problem and told why their family sponsors a child.
  • They showed a short video about how sponsorship gives hope to children in need.
  • They invited people at their church to sponsor a child after the church service. (Watch the video to find out how many kids were sponsored that day!)

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. — 1 John 3:18, NIV

Free Resources for Kids and Families

Pastor's Guide cover
Pastor's Guide

This downloadable guide has some helpful tips for making sure your pastor is as excited about your Compassion Sunday event as you are!

Picture of a hand holding a megaphone
Make a Mighty Megaphone

This craft will make your Speak-Up Kid's voice even more powerful!

Speak-Up Kid Videos

Watch a Speak-Up Kid give fun tips and tricks she’s learned about hosting a Compassion Sunday event.

Illustration of World Map
Interactive World Map

Explore the countries where children in Compassion’s program live.

Poverty Lesson Plans

Use these hands-on lesson plans for parents and teachers to help the kids around you learn more about poverty.

Illustration of children and barnyard animals
Filling Barnyards With Love

Meet Jacob, a 12-year-old who comes up with creative ways to help families in poverty.

Illustration of a landscape
Look Around

Read this devotional about how God wants us to help others just as he helps us!

Illustration of 2 adults and a kid
Ready to Roll

In this one-player dice game, complete all the quests for hosting a Compassion Sunday event.

Children sharing food
Goodies for Good

Get recipes from kids who bake to raise money for children in poverty.

BibleProject Resources
BibleProject Resources

You can enhance your Compassion Sunday experience with helpful resources from BibleProject.

Hey there! We’re so excited that you’re interested in hosting a Compassion Sunday event with a Speak-Up Kid! As a child-centered organization, we think kids are the best. And we want to make sure they’re always protected! So, if you decide you want to order a Planning Guide or register an event, make sure an adult is filling out the form. We do not intend to collect children’s information. Thanks!