Share these BibleProject videos about topics close to God’s heart to inspire discussion among your church family.

Compassion video


Take an in-depth look at the Hebrew word for compassion, rakhum, and discuss what it means for God to be compassionate.

Justice Video


Kick off a conversation about the biblical view of justice and learn about the Hebrew word for righteousness, tsedka.

Generosity video


Throughout the Bible, humans hoard God’s gifts. Explore how the world could be different if we followed God’s example of generosity.


Free BibleProject Resources for Churches and Families

Your church will grow in faith and fellowship while studying what God’s Word says about compassion, justice and generosity.

Small Group Praying
Small Group Bible Studies
Unpack what Scripture says about compassion, justice and generosity.
Girl reading the Bible
YouVersion Reading Plan

Root yourself in the Word with a Bible reading plan for individuals.

Boy reading the Bible
Sermon Guides
Pastors, find inspiration in this three-part series including outlines for full sermons.
Family together
Family Curriculum
Get your kids excited about the topics your church is studying as a Body.
BibleProject Resources
Prayer and Art Cards for Kids
Print these cards to remind kids to pray and live out their Bible lessons.

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