Plan your presentation

Your Compassion Sunday event can be a short announcement, or it can be the theme of your full worship service. Meet with your pastor to choose the best option. Find everything for an inspiring Compassion Sunday below.

Create Your Custom Presentation

To get a print-out of a presentation that's customized just for you, simply answer a few questions about your heart for children and the length of your event. It's as easy as that!

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Videos to Play on the Day of Your Event

Main Video

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Exit Video

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Main Video [Edited Version]

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The full version of the main video deals with topics of abuse that may not be appropriate for young children in a church setting. If this is a concern, we have provided a shorter edited version for your event.

Social posts to connect your friends

Post a short status update that includes the date and location of your event along with a Compassion Sunday video. Ask your friends and family to SHARE and LIKE.

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“Compassion Sunday is taking a part of Compassion and bringing it to my church for a weekend.”
— Grace Farrell, 9-year-old who hosted her first Compassion Sunday last year