We want to do everything we can to help you have a great conversation about hosting a Compassion Sunday event with your pastor! Keep reading to find some tips and resources for getting permission to host an event.

How to Directly Address Your Pastor’s Questions and Concerns

Your pastor will want to know exactly how your Compassion Sunday event will impact your church for the better. We know your church gets asked to support a lot of things, so here’s what we feel is most important for your pastor to know:

  • Compassion is a 100% Christ-centered organization that works exclusively with local churches to release children from poverty.
  • Every child is served by a local church that shares the love of Jesus.
  • Your Compassion Sunday talk can be held during a service or any other time that’s convenient.
  • If you can’t host a full event, you can set up a table with child packets and even send an email to your members to come check it out.
  • Child sponsorship with Compassion changes the hearts of sponsors and their families and inspires even greater generosity and global awareness.
  • Even if you're meeting completely virtually, Compassion Sunday is still an option for your church. There's a whole team at Compassion dedicated to working with you to customize your event. Just email [email protected] or call 888-503-4585.
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Tips for the Conversation With Your Pastor

Talk to your pastor in person, if you can.

  • If you already know your pastor personally, set up a time to meet with him or her. Schedule a meeting in their office or via video chat, or plan to go somewhere fun — like a coffee shop!
  • If you don’t know your pastor personally, that’s OK! Pastors are busy, so we suggest reaching out to them or their administrative assistant first to get a meeting on the schedule.

If your pastor’s schedule is too full for a meeting, construct a well-thought-out email asking for permission to host a Compassion Sunday event. If you need help writing that email, use our prewritten email to your pastor!

Come prepared! Plan to share your heart for children in poverty. If you are a sponsor, bring a photo of your sponsored child and a few of his or her letters. Your stories and experiences are SO powerful. Plus, explain that other members of the congregation are likely to have a similar experience as you through child sponsorship! If you don’t sponsor, share how advocating for children in poverty has impacted you. Let your pastor know what it means to you to be able to live out your faith by speaking up on behalf of children in need.

Bring the Pastor’s Guide. You can find a downloadable version of the Pastor’s Guide below. Consider giving it to your pastor before you begin sharing. If your pastor needs some time to pray and research after your conversation, you can give him or her the Pastor’s Guide as a helpful tool on your way out.

Follow up with your pastor after you meet.

  • If he or she gave you permission to host a Compassion Sunday event, assure them that they’ll be kept in the loop as you plan.
  • If your pastor is still considering hosting an event at your church, make sure to thank them and remind them that you’re available to answer any more questions they may have.

Helpful Resources

1. Use the Pastor’s Guide.

The Pastor’s Guide is a special booklet for pastors who are considering hosting a Compassion Sunday event. Feel free to download the guide and pass it along to your pastor, either in person or by email!

Download Pastor's Guide >

2. Show your pastor this video.

Give your pastor the chance to hear from other church leaders who love partnering with Compassion.

3. Send your pastor an email.

If you are unable to ask for permission in person, send your pastor this prewritten email. Before you send it, don’t forget to customize it and add some of your own personal touches!

See the Email Template >