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Donate to Charity

When you donate to charity through Compassion International, you can literally save a life. Poverty attacks children from all sides, and while our holistic child development program helps children in many ways, there are some needs that require specific attention and an intentional decision to donate to charity. Our medical fund, AIDS fund, malaria nets fund, and other specialized funds are all addressing critical needs outside of our child development program. When you donate to these funds, you help complete Compassion’s ministry to children in poverty.

Through our Complementary Interventions, Compassion meets a wide variety of critical needs for children in poverty. When you donate to charity through one of these specific funds, you meet a need which otherwise might not be met and give a child an even greater chance of escaping poverty.

Donate to charity through our Complementary Interventions and you will address needs like disaster relief and stability, income generation, infrastructure development, curriculum development, health and parenting skills and many more. Together with our holistic child development program, your donation will radically change the life of a child in poverty.

When you donate to charity, you want to know that your donation is making a real difference. With our Complementary Interventions, you can rest assured that every dollar you give is being used to meet critical needs for children living in poverty around the world.

Meeting Critical Needs

The Disaster and Relief Stability Fund was set up by Compassion to quickly provide aid to families of Compassion-assisted children so they can survive a disaster and get back on their feet.

Health & Medical Needs

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Unsanitary conditions, diseases and malnutrition weaken immune systems and make it difficult to fight off even the simplest ailments.

Education Needs

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All ages benefit from education. That’s why literacy, financial training, and seminars on domestic violence matter so much.

Disaster Relief & Stability

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A secure, stable environment offers a child a life of promise and purpose, no matter what the circumstances.