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Health and Parenting Skills

Many of the parents of Compassion-assisted children have no training or educational opportunities. They can't read or write. They don't know how to handle domestic violence or child abuse situations. And most don't know how to care for their child's health and development.

Compassion helps parents take better care of their children through prevention, education and awareness with: 

  • Adult literacy education  
  • Domestic violence and child abuse seminars
  • Training on child development, health topics and basic parenting skills 
  • Culturally appropriate training such as AIDS awareness and prevention 

This fund is a part of Education Needs

How Compassion Helps

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Living in his father's home has been difficult for Mahindra. He is a married father of two himself and lives in eastern India. His father is an alcoholic, and drinking in the community is commonplace. Mahindra doesn't drink and prefers that his children don't drink either.

Before Compassion's parent training sessions, Mahindra was uncomfortable speaking to his father and neighbors about the consequences of alcohol and alcoholism. But after just one session, he had the knowledge and skills to express himself and his concerns.

"I feel confident that I can change my children's lives by teaching my community the dangers of alcoholism", he says.

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