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Developing countries are often the world's most disaster-prone areas, and for many people disaster relief funds are their only source of hope and recovery. Disasters are especially hard on children, who are even more vulnerable than adults, so giving disaster relief through a child-focused organation like Compassion can be especially powerful. Children have little resources and no voice, so they are not able to recover from a disaster without your help.

Compassion's Disaster Relief fund provides childen and their families with basic necessities like food, clean water, shelter, clothing, household items, and even medical care and trauma counseling.

Disaster relief and recovery is a long-term process, but Compassion's Disaster Relief program is helping children when they most desperately need it. It is a safety net for those living in countries with no other safety nets.

When you donate to Compassion's Disaster Relief fund, you can have confidence that your donation is helping children who are already facing life's toughest circumstances. Your gift can help make life just a bit easier for them.

Disaster Relief

Feeling protected and secure is important to every child's development. A safe place to sleep, clean water, enough to eat, and medical care help children grow into mature, healthy young adults.

When disaster hits, the most basic needs for a child in poverty are threatened.

The Disaster Relief and Stability fund offers assistance so families of Compassion-assisted children can survive a disaster and get back on their feet.

When you give to this fund, you help Compassion provide the relief, recovery, and rehabilitation that is vital for restoring families after a disaster.

Your gift makes possible interventions such as:

  • emergency food and water, temporary shelters, personal items, cooking utensils, trauma counseling and spiritual support
  • replacing clothing, school supplies and household items
  • restoring supplies a family needs for earning income
  • providing continued counseling and support as needed

Please give today and help a child in immediate need.

This fund is a part of Disaster Relief & Recovery

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