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At Compassion International, we value relationship - specifically the relationship between a sponsor and a child. Compassion allows you to use the web site to search for a child to sponsor so that you can choose a child who is the pefect match for your family. When you search for a child to sponsor, you include as much or as little detail as you like, and we'll match you up with a child just for you.

When you use our web site to search for a child to sponsor, you have access to thousands of children around the world who are waiting for a sponsor. Each one of these children is already participating in Compassion's program, but they are missing out on the most significant aspect of sponsorship - a one-to-one relationship with a sponsor. You can start this relationship for a child today.

With so many children in poverty around the world, we know how overwhelming it can be to choose one. We've made it easy to search for a child to sponsor by age, gender, country, birthdate, specific need and more. Take a moment to think about if you have a connection to a specific country or culture, a specific age or even a specific name. Our search page allows you to include all of this info, plus more, to help narrow down your choice. 

Often, making the decision to sponsor a child is the easy part. Choosing which child can be the hard part. Search for a child to sponsor and start your life changing relationship today.

Search for a child to sponsor by age, gender, country, special needs and more. Try searching for a child with the same birthday as your child, grandchild, niece or nephew. There's even an option to search for a child by name!
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