Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer is arguably the most powerful and effective weapon we have in the battle against poverty. Without it, all our efforts to help the poor would be meaningless. Become one of Compassion's Prayer Partners and lift up the needs of Compassion-assisted children and staff to our Heavenly Father. Our Prayer Partners are a vital part of our ministry at Compassion.

As one of Compassion's Prayer Partners, you join a network of people committed to interceding on behalf of children in poverty all around the world. More than 20,000 people are praying daily for those the Bible calls "the least of these."

While it's true that a child who is hungry will have trouble hearing a spiritual message, just meeting the physical need and feeding the child is not enough. Our Prayer Partners add an integral spiritual dimension to our ministry.

Compassion's Prayer Partners have the opportunity to play one of the most life-changing roles in a child's life ... that of bringing their needs to the Lord. Could it be that God's tugging at your heart to join them? 

Prayer Partners
Pray for Children in Poverty
The Journey Prayer Guide

An interactive, 30-day prayer guide focused on children in poverty. Each day reminds you to  draw closer to your sponsored child through prayer.

52 Weeks of Prayer for Children

We have listed specific requests for each week of the year to help children grow and develop to fulfill God's plans for their lives.

31 Prayers for Your Sponsored Child

Even when we don’t have a face-to-face relationship with our sponsored children, prayer can be an excellent tool to help build that relationship.

Tips for Fasting

It is always appropriate for God's people to set aside devoted time to bring an event, family members and problems to the Lord.