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The AIDS pandemic is especially hard on children living in poverty so when you donate AIDS relief funds through Compassion, you help it’s most vulnerable victims. Because of their extreme vulnerability and lack of voice, children benefit greatly when you donate AIDS relief. Giving through a child-focused organization like Compassion will allow your AIDS donation to be used in an effective and strategic way.

Compassion addresses HIV and AIDS through a variety of ways, so when you donate AIDS relief money through Compassion’s AIDS fund, you directly help poor children living in AIDS-affected areas around the world.

When you donate AIDS relief money through Compassion, you provide a child and his family with important benefits such as life-saving antiretroviral drugs, counseling, transportation to clinics, and AIDS education.

You can donate AIDS relief funds whether you sponsor a child living in an AIDS-affected area or not. Your donation will help those children affected by AIDS and give the world’s most vulnerable citizens a chance of escaping poverty.

AIDS Initiative

In the global fight against AIDS, the international community has brought access to lifesaving antiretroviral therapy (ART) to many health facilities around the world, but not all. Those lifesaving tablets that travel 10,000 miles sometimes don’t make it far enough.

With our AIDS Initiative, Compassion is bringing the global fight “the Last Mile,” beyond the clinic, down dusty roads, through garbage-infested slums, up hills and into valleys to our church partners and beyond to the homes of our families.

This fund is a part of Health and Medical Needs

How Compassion Helps

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When Godfrey was 12, he became one of the millions of AIDS orphans in sub-Saharan Africa. But his nightmare was just beginning. Just days after his mother died, he began exhibiting symptoms of HIV.

Godfrey was so devastated he tried to hang himself, but the rope snapped. Social workers at his Compassion-assisted child development center immediately intervened. Today, through the support of Compassion's AIDS program, he is on antiretroviral therapy (ART) and is defying the disease.

Compassion intervenes by:
  • Preventing the transmission of HIV and AIDS through education
  • Treating those who are infected, offering ART and transportation to clinics, along with counseling and support
  • Rehabilitating Compassion-assisted children who have lost a parent to AIDS or who are infected with HIV
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