Will You Help Babies and Moms Starting Out In Poverty?

Mother and Child in Poverty
Rescue Babies & Mothers Will you help babies and moms starting out in poverty?

A child in a developing country is 10 times more likely to die before the age of 5 than a child born in a modern country.

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Children and Mothers at Child Survival Center in India Poor Mother and Child in India

Kolkata, IndiaMankar Child Survival Program

A lack of food and other basic resources leads to malnutrition, making many of the children in the region northwest of Kolkata, India, prone to diarrhea, malaria and acute respiratory infections. Most of the young mothers have little to no experience or knowledge of how to care for their children.

FOR ONLY $20 A MONTH you will help moms and babies near Kolkata, India begin building a better life together.

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More Than 30,659 Moms and Babies Have Been Helped to Date!

With just a $20 monthly donation, moms and babies receive life-giving support through a relationship with a local church.

  • Mentoring from a survival specialist that provides one-on-one pregnancy coaching and parenting support
  • Critical Medical Resources such as pre- and post-natal checkups, child birth assistance and immunizations
  • Baby and Toddler Supplies such as diapers, blankets, clothing and hygiene products
  • Emotional Support from a community of moms facing the same fears and circumstances
  • Basic Nutrition in the form of clean water, healthy food and supplemental vitamins
  • Spiritual Guidance and care from Gospel-centered relationships with church staff

With Supporters Like You
We are helping moms and young children thrive.

  • 30,659 moms and babies helped in developing countries
  • 746 support centers operating worldwide
  • 4,064 successful live births this past year alone
  • 4,225 mothers came to know Christ this past year

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We do more than help moms and young children in developing countries simply survive the poverty around them. Our model helps young families begin building a thriving, healthy life together.

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