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Through Compassion's microenterprise program, people living in poverty learn valuable, life-changing skills like the basics of generating income and running a business. Compassion's program covers a variety of aspects of microenterprise, including financial managment, basic business and accounting and credit management. This unique program helps stop the generational cycle of poverty. As parents are able to provide an education for their children, their children are then able to provide for their own families.

When people live in poverty, they often dont have access to even the most basic education and the prospect of learning how to run a business or manage finances is slim. Illiteracy is a common obstacle to microenterprise and income generation.

Compassion's microenterprise program offers them the opportunity to learn a trade that will generate income and enable them so earn a living.

Through the microenterprise and income generation program, Compassion doesn't just provide a quick solution but addresses long term needs for people in poverty. As a donor, you can have a part in this program that is changing lives all over the world.

Microenterprise and Income Generation

When people live in poverty, they don't have access to even the most basic education. So the prospect of learning how to run a business or manage finances is slim. Illiterate parents raise illiterate children, which lowers the potential for breaking the poverty cycle with the next generation.

Compassion gives hope by: 

  • Offering caregivers and teens business training that includes credit management, and basic business and accounting workshops 
  • Identifying caregivers who would benefit from training 
  • Linking beneficiaries with other microenterprise credit institutions

This fund is a part of Disaster Relief & Stability.

How Compassion Helps

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Elsipha is a 44-year-old caregiver from Tanzania. For years she bought and resold grain, but her profits were miniscule, her children were hungry, and her house was crumbling around her.

Then Elsipha was chosen to participate in a goat-rearing and husbandry program at the Compassion center her child attends. She learned how to raise and care for goats, and how to sell goat milk products to turn a profit. She now makes enough money to provide for her family's basic needs.

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