Remove Barriers that Thwart Healthy Child Development

Remove Barriers that Thwart Healthy Child Development

Your church can help meet critical needs through specific interventions:

Health and Medical Needs

Unsanitary conditions, diseases and malnutrition weaken immune systems and make it difficult to fight off even the simplest ailments.

  • HIV and AIDS Initiative — Your church can help solve a pandemic. Support this program and you will be preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS through education, treating those who are infected with antiretroviral therapy and serving children who are infected or have lost a parent to AIDS.
  • Medical Assistance — Does your church’s heart break for children with medical emergencies? This program steps in to provide urgent care for children in poverty who are suffering from severe conditions like cancer, heart disease or traumatic injury.
  • Malaria Intervention — A child dies of malaria every 30 seconds. A simple, insecticide-treated net is all that’s needed to prevent the disease. Through this program, your church can provide sleeping nets and treat those who are suffering from malaria.
Education Needs

Knowledge changes the choices we make. That’s why literacy, financial training, and seminars on domestic violence matter so much in the developing world.

  • Curriculum Development — Your church can help train people in basic skills including the fundamentals of parenting, hygiene, establishing safe home environments and cooking nutritious meals.
  • Health & Parenting Skills — Many parents in the developing world can’t read or write, and don’t know how to handle domestic violence or child abuse situations. You church can help parents take better care of themselves and their children through the development of foundational skills.
  • Education & School Fees — School offers a safe, supportive environment for children to learn life skills, make friends and develop the tools needed to fight poverty. Your church can make school a reality for children who otherwise would not attend.
  • Highly Vulnerable Children — Your church can offer a lifeline to children facing unimaginable hardship. Assistance can include foster care, trauma counseling, shelter renovations and legal support.
Disaster Relief & Stability

A secure, stable environment offers a child a life of promise and purpose, no matter what the circumstances.

  • Disaster Relief — In the wake of disaster, your church can provide a family with a safe place to sleep, clean water, food and medical care. This fund meets immediate needs while helping people get back on their feet.
  • Clean Water — Your church can protect a child and her family from life-threatening diseases through a safe water system that yields over 1 million gallons of clean water.
  • Income Generation — Illiterate parents raise illiterate children, which lowers the potential for breaking the poverty cycle with the next generation. Through this program, your church can give adults and teens business training so they are equipped to generate a healthy stream of income.
  • Infrastructure Development — Having a safe, secure place to live and learn is critical for healthy child development. By supporting this fund, your church can support new construction and renovation projects for schools, homes and churches that have been affected by natural disasters or are in grave need of repair.
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