Help Families Affected by COVID-19

Help Families Survive the Pandemic

We've all felt the effects of COVID-19. But for those living in extreme poverty, this pandemic has been devastating.

Families that struggled to live on small daily wages now struggle to live on nothing. In many communities there are food shortages, and where there is food, prices are soaring. COVID-19 threatens to take away years of progress in the fight against poverty.

In short, the vulnerable have become even more vulnerable. That's why it's so crucial that the Church come together to answer God's call to care for the least of these. We must rise as one to provide immediate aid to the most vulnerable among us.

Fork IconFood Packages

Food Packages of essentials, including rice, eggs, meat, milk, corn and dry goods.

Blue CrossHygiene Supplies

Critical hygiene supplies like hand sanitizer and protective masks, and information on disease prevention and treatment.

Money and HandRent Assistance

Rent assistance to the families most at risk of losing their homes due to inability to work.