Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief - Compassion International

Urgent - Hurricane Irma hit Haiti and the Dominican Republic on September 7, 2017. Find out how you can support much-needed relief efforts.

Disaster Relief

Hurricane Irma Affects Children in the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Donate now to provide shelter and food to over 3,000 affected children.

On Thursday, September 7, 2017, Category 5 Hurricane Irma made landfall in the northern parts of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Many Compassion children and their families have been displaced because of destroyed or damaged homes. As of September 11, over 3,000 children in Haiti and over 200 in the Dominican Republic are reported to be affected by the hurricane. Compassion's country offices have taken measures to provide children with basic assistance to meet their immediate and long term needs. They have provided food and hygiene kits to beneficiaries, and are continuing to assess their needs.

Your generous donation will provide assistance to Compassion children and their families in the areas affected.

Give today and please pray for the Compassion center staff, children and families who have lost so much due to the severity of Hurricane Irma.

Provide Disaster Relief Resources

Your donation provides immediate aid such as:

  • temporary shelter
  • medical aid
  • safe water
  • food
  • sanitation
  • clothes

*If additional money is raised beyond what is needed for this disaster, it will be used to help other Compassion-assisted children and families who become victims of a disaster. Your donation is tax-deductible and you will be receipted by Compassion for your year-end giving records.