"Every good and perfect gift is from above."— James 1:17

Sadly, not all babies reach their first birthday like these little ones. Each year, nearly 1 million babies die the day they are born due to lack of birth assistance. Many babies living in poverty suffer from malnutrition because they lack healthy food and nutrients. Some are even abandoned by their fathers, leaving mothers without the needed support to raise their children.

With your help, more pregnant mothers and babies can receive lifesaving assistance. Your gift will help mothers get prenatal care, birth assistance with a certified attendant, and emotional and spiritual support. Babies will receive immunizations, extra nutritional support and check-ups so they reach important milestones.

Your gift will give babies around the world the ability to celebrate their first birthdays as happy and healthy children, just like Christine, Pamela and Faith! Each of their moms, Juliet, Rahuma, and Kate, were at high risk of losing their babies without the intervention of Compassion’s Survival program.

So many people banded together to make the babies' first year possible: The parents who spent themselves on behalf of their children, the Survival staff who ensured the moms and babies had the care they needed, and the donors who walked alongside these moms and babies from afar.

So join us in celebrating all the snuggles these moms get to have with their babies. Celebrate that their joy didn’t turn to mourning. And celebrate all who made it possible. Faith, Pamela and Christine might not have made it without the generous people who decided to reach out to moms and babies. No parent should have to lose their baby to preventable death.

Will you give today to help us provide lifesaving care to more pregnant mothers and babies? We're raising $15,782 to help a church in the Sironko District of Uganda provide Survival care to mothers and babies in their community. Your gift today will give hope to other mothers in desperate need and give their babies a chance to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

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Thank you for your commitment to babies living in poverty. Your gift will help them survive and thrive in this poor community in Uganda. If additional money is raised beyond what is needed for this community, it will be used to help babies in other communities receive lifesaving care.

Faith smiling and looking into the camera
Christine with a birthday hat on looking into the camera
Pamela smiling and looking behind her

If you donate, you will receive a communication in the months following sharing updates about the lives of these mothers and their new babies in Uganda. Your donation will transform these precious lives, and Compassion wants to show you that change.