Vijay Meesala

Topics: Child Development, Compassion Alumni, Evangelism and Discipleship

Vijay Meesala

Vijay Meesala is passionate about reaching the unreached with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the Founder and President of Reach All Nations, a ministry that trains national missionaries, plants indigenous churches, and establishes community outreach initiatives in order to make Christ known throughout India and the 10/40 Window. Through the work of Reach All Nations, over 32,000 people have heard the Gospel message.

Vijay grew up in a rural, impoverished village in India. Though his parents worked very hard, it was a challenge for them to adequately provide for their family’s needs. When he was sponsored into Compassion’s child development program through his local church, he was provided with education, clothing, nutritious meals, medical care, and, most of all, hope. He felt empowered and believed in, and through his education, he was gifted with opportunities he would not have had access to otherwise.

A voracious and dedicated learner, Vijay has earned his Bachelor of Theology from Gospel for Asia Biblical Seminary (Kerala, India), his Bachelor of Divinity from Andhra Christian Theological College (Hyderabad, India), and his Master of Theology in Islamic studies from Luther Seminary (St. Paul, Minnesota).

Vijay is a vibrant and compelling communicator. He enjoys speaking on world missions, child education and development issues, the value of discipleship, Jesus in Islam, and Muslim evangelism. He lives in India, with his wife, Abigail and their son, Suvinay.