What Is Child Sponsorship?

Child sponsorship connects sponsors with children living in poverty. Through monthly giving, you can provide life-changing support in the form of education, critical medical care, food and so much more. Beyond the physical, sponsorship also addresses the emotional and spiritual needs of each child, empowering them to break free from the cycle of poverty and realize their worth in Christ.

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How Child Sponsorship Helps

Have you ever wondered how child sponsorship helps? Does it really work? Yes! By sponsoring a child, you empower them to create a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

By providing education, health care, food, clean water and other critical needs, you give your child the tools they need to thrive and reach their God-given potential.

In partnership with the local church, your child receives the education support they need to learn critical life skills, the medical care they need to defeat disease…the list goes on! Most importantly, they receive an introduction to Jesus and experience His incredible love for them.

In other words, child sponsorship helps break the vicious cycle of poverty while providing life-giving hope.

Why Sponsor a Child With Compassion?

Compassion International’s Child Sponsorship Program has resulted in thousands of lives changed across the globe. Why sponsor a child with Compassion? By choosing to sponsor a child, you have the opportunity to help them overcome poverty, fostering not just immediate aid but long-term, sustainable growth in their lives.

But don't just take our word for it. Below, you’ll hear from young adults who have gone through Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program and overcome extreme poverty. They are a living testament to how child sponsorship works!


Compassion Supported Children:

Spend an average of 4,000 hours in safe, nurturing programs

Stay in school up to 1.5 years longer than unsponsored peers

Are up to 18% more likely to have salaried employment in their adult years

Are up to 40% more likely to finish secondary education

Are up to 80% more likely to graduate college

Are up to 75% more likely to become leaders in their communities

Child Sponsorship Changes Lives

Christian-based child sponsorship is making a difference around the world.
See a few of these stories below!

"My sponsor is always telling me about the love of God, which makes me want to be good for Jesus. I pray that all children get a sponsor like my own."
-ABRAHAM, a sponsored child in Ghana
"When I hear a person who has never seen me in her life say that she loves me, it gives me more strength to fight, to live and to continue."
-CECILIA HOLANDA, Leadership Development Program student in Brazil


Through a relationship with a local church and a caring sponsor, a child is able to discover his or her true value.

For $43/month, a sponsored child receives:
Heart icon

that unlocks the potential within their heart

Education icon

to defeat illiteracy and provide critical skills

Supplement icon

to protect against malnutrition

Health Care icon

to fight back against disease and sickness

Gospel message icon

through a local church to overcome fear and hopelessness

Recreation icon

to protect from crime, violence, and danger

Compassion International Is Proof of How Child Sponsorship Works

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- Proverbs 3:27-28