Why Secondary Education is Important

Dr. Bruce Wydick explains that secondary school is important to develop technical literacy and to train future country leaders.

Why Secondary Education is Important
Video Transcript

Why is completing secondary education so important in the developing world?

“Any program that helps people to even complete the lowest levels of education is really, really important.

“Secondary school is important because, to be able to interface with the kind of technology that people need to be able to interface with today, computers and software for example. You need more more than a primary education typically. Typically you need at least a secondary education to become computer literate and to interface with the kind of technology that’s going to allow for at least a degree of prosperity to take root. So secondary school is very important.

“It’s also important for there to be ethical and moral leaders in developing countries that are well trained. So university education is really important.

“All education levels are important, but secondary school is important primarily because it seems to be at that level that people are able to interface with more technology.”

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