Your encouraging words make a huge difference in your sponsored child's life.

A study we conducted in four countries found that:

  • •  More than 90% of children feel joy, love, encouragement and belonging when they get messages from their sponsors.
  • •  Sponsors' messages motivate many children to pray, participate in church and school activities and work to improve their circumstances.
  • •  Children who receive messages from their sponsors show more confidence, care, generosity and helpfulness.
  • •  Most children keep their sponsors' letters forever, regularly rereading them — especially when they feel discouraged.

You don't have to write a lot to make a difference for your sponsored child. We recommend sending two to six messages per year. Some people choose to just send a card or quick note every year for Christmas and their sponsored child's birthday.

Bookmark this page of writing prompts and return when you want ideas for what to say to your sponsored child!

Remember, you don't have to send a long letter. Messages of encouragement, photos or quick notes let the child know you're thinking of them!

Letter-Writing Prompts About Your Childhood
  • What activities did you enjoy as a child?
  • Who was your favorite teacher? What was the teacher like?
  • Whom did you admire as you were growing up? Why?
  • How did you get your name? What does it mean?
  • Did you grow up in church? How did you come to know Jesus?
  • What was a challenge you had to overcome as a child or teenager?
  • What was your favorite part of school?
  • What was your least favorite part of school?
  • What happened during a typical school day?
  • What was your first job like?


Special thanks to Rachelle Dawson, Compassion sponsor, full-time mom and part-time freelance writer and editor, for sharing some of these prompts with us.


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