What is a Sponsor Trip?

You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve written the letters. But now you’re ready for something more.

Compassion sponsor trips allow you to literally step into your child’s world. On a sponsor trip you will explore your child’s home country — eat the food she eats, play the games he plays. And to top it all off, you will get to give your sponsored child a hug and deliver that next letter in person! What’s more, you’ll see for yourself how hope in partnership with the local church changes a community. You’ll witness God’s love being poured out, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your ministry to a child is bringing greater faith, ability and dignity to an entire community as a result.

See below to get a glimpse into what it would be like to travel to the region where your sponsored child lives. And in five simple steps, you could be well on your way to taking a life-changing trip! Though all Compassion sponsor trips are currently canceled due to the global impact of COVID-19, you can still start preparations by learning what you can expect once trips resume. You can also sign up to be notified when trips to your child’s country become available once again.

Trips Are Paused but Dreaming Is Not

During the COVID-19 pandemic, global travel restrictions and safety concerns for the vulnerable communities we serve hindered our ability to invite supporters like you to see firsthand what God is doing to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. This situation was unexpected and led to a significant repurposing and reduction of the original workforce we had who were dedicated to planning and facilitating trips and visits to the field. As a result, we are now in the process of regrowing our teams and capacity within our office – starting by offering a small number of field experience for specific purposes. We ask for your grace and patience as we re-build and are excited to be able to offer these life-changing experiences to supporters more widely in the future.

For now, please see below for what you might typically expect from a trip to visit your sponsored child.



Even if you’ve experienced Africa, you’ve likely never experienced Compassion’s version of it! A sponsor tour to Africa may include a safari, but you will venture far beyond where most tourists finish their trips. You won’t just visit a Maasai village; you will dance with the Maasai. You won’t simply sip your African coffee at a sidewalk café; you will be invited into a coffee ceremony offered to only the most distinguished guests.

In Rwanda you will stand in a mud-thatched hut and hear a mother share her family’s story of forgiveness following the genocide. In Ethiopia you will hold a baby boy who was the first child in his family to celebrate a first birthday. And in Burkina Faso you will stand in the dusty courtyard of a church where someone will pull you by the arm and show you the well that provides fresh, clean water for the children to drink.

In Africa you can find safaris. But on a Compassion trip experience you will also find hope in communities that may be resource-poor yet are rich in so many other meaningful ways.
Boy in a yellow shirt standing in front of a wall
Smiling girl at the top of a slide
Smiling boy sitting by a fence holding a mug



Asia is comprised of ancient civilizations with exotic foods, unique traditions and varied cultures. Your trip with Compassion will take you deep into forests and past lush rice fields and tea plantations. But it will not end there. You will not be a tourist.

You will visit the home of a mother in Thailand who will offer you a bowl of rich coconut soup while you play peekaboo with her children. You will worship in the Philippines with a pastor whose love and passion for children in poverty will remind you why you became a sponsor. In Sri Lanka, you’ll meet boys and girls who are just learning what it means to be released from a life of poverty — and you’ll get to witness these miracles unfold right before your eyes.

In Asia you will find culture. But on a Compassion trip experience you will also have meaningful conversation with inspiring people working to restore children’s future hopes and dreams.
girl in a school uniform in front of a blue wall with framed pictures
A group of happy children smiling at the camera
girl in a school uniform and a backpack outside

Central America and the Caribbean


For many in North America, the region of Central America is simply a string of beaches and resorts — a convenient, beautiful vacation spot. And while the beauty of Central America is undeniable, the beauty of its people is even more spectacular.

In Guatemala a patient mother will teach you how to make tortillas while balancing her baby on her hip. Worshipping at a church in Haiti is loud and jubilant, filled with the unmistakable joy of those who have been rescued. The streets of El Salvador, labeled as dangerous by the rest of the world, will be filled with laughter and singing as you are welcomed with open arms.

In Central America you can find adventure. But on a Compassion trip experience you will also learn from skilled, dedicated people who are deeply committed to the transformation you are part of.
Boy in a red vest with his arms crossed
Girl in an orange dress smiling in front of an orange and green wall
Smiling boy sitting by a fence holding a mug

South America


For an explorer, South America can be addicting! Journeying through the Amazon jungle, getting lost in the rainforests and hiking the Andes are all things that attract millions every year. But on your trip to South America, you get the privilege of walking down streets reserved for the locals.

You’ll buy a trinket from a mother in Bolivia who has been able to start her own business. In Brazil you will ride for hours on a bus so you can spend the afternoon playing in the sand with a little girl who can’t stop smiling. And in Peru you will dance and sing following a church service where you didn’t understand the language but you couldn’t mistake the joy.

In South America you can find wonder. But on a Compassion trip experience you will also come face-to-face with culture and tradition among people awakening to a life filled with joy.
Girl wearing a white dress stading in front of a brick wall
Smiling girl by a wall with windows and a door
Boy with a red and gold shirt standing outside

5 Steps to Meeting Your Sponsored Child*

*In a normal environment, these steps can be done in a seamless sequence. But since the global impact of COVID-19 has caused Compassion sponsored trips to be paused, you will not be able to register for or go on a trip. However, you still can choose a country, work with our staff to overcome any travel barriers, and make preparations. You can also sign up to be notified when trips resume to your desired region.

Please be sure to visit our Why Travel With Compassion page for more information about what you can experience on your trip as well as what makes a Compassion trip a unique experience!