New Home, New Beginning

  |   Posted: May 01, 2021

Because of COVID-19, Paris’ family couldn’t continue living with their relatives. They had nowhere to go, but with Compassion’s help, were able to move into their very first permanent home.

Paris and his family stand outside their new home

Waking up in the morning pre-pandemic, Paris would open his eyes to see his cousins and little sister sleeping beside him. Busy with the tasks each morning brings, his parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents would tiptoe about the one-story home they shared, though not very quietly. He watched as the adults weaved around one another and the children, hurriedly preparing for the workday ahead.

As each cousin started to wake, the home got louder and louder. Soon, the sounds of 15 different voices filled the air and the early morning moments of silence were but a distant memory. There was nowhere to go to find a moment of solitude or peace. The home wasn’t built to accommodate so many, let alone provide spaces for privacy.

Then, COVID-19 snuck its way into Peru and into Paris’ community. As the virus began to spread, Paris’ family received devastating news: His grandfather had contracted the virus.

Paris plays soccer near his house

“We didn’t know what to do,” Enrique, Paris’ father, says. “It was an alarming situation and I feared for my family.”

To make matters even worse, the news spread quickly in the neighborhood and people began to avoid the family. Their worry and anxiety only grew when a doctor recommended they move out of the home. Sharing a living space with 15 extended family members not only presented space and privacy challenges, but it had become unsafe as well.

“Moving to another place then seemed impossible for us,” Jessica, Paris’ mother, says. “We didn’t have any income or jobs. We were desperate but we turned to God in prayer, more than ever.”

Thankfully, Paris was already registered in his local church’s Compassion program. The fervent prayers of Paris’ family and the staff from his child development center were heard, as Compassion’s church partner purchased and built the family a prefabricated home of their own.

“We’ve always wanted to have a place of our own. We’ve moved around and rented for years. This is a huge blessing for my family,” Enrique says. “My kids are so excited to have their own place. I told them no one will ever kick us out again because this is our home now.”

Now, Paris wakes up much differently. When he opens his eyes he sees his mother, father and little sister. The only sounds to be heard are the bustling of his mother, who is getting ready for work, and the voice of his father, who asks him if he’d like to spend a few minutes playing soccer. Paris smiles and grabs his soccer ball, happy to be spending more quality time with his family now that there aren’t so many people to fight for attention.

With the support of generous donors like you, Compassion-registered children and their families are able to receive the extra support they need to thrive and escape poverty. From providing a new home to a family in need to aid after a natural disaster to food for hungry stomachs, thank you so much for coming alongside churches and families around the world when challenges arise.

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