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Hosting a Compassion Sunday event is your chance to share your heart for children in poverty with your church! Our team will be beside you the whole way, helping you customize your event and make it a success.

Whether you're ready to host a Compassion Sunday event or you're still on the fence, the Planning Guide and Activity Journal will give you all the information you need! It's totally free and doesn't obligate you to anything. Just make sure an adult fills out this form and we'll send you yours right away.

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When you open your planning guide, you’ll find …
  1. A handy Compassion Sunday Guide to give to your pastor.
  2. Fun activities and space to write out your ideas and thoughts.
  3. A suggested presentation you can use to shape your own, tips, common questions and more.
  4. A prayer card you can color and hang up in your home.

We’re so excited that you’re interested in hosting a Compassion Sunday event with a Speak-Up Kid! As a child-centered organization, we think kids are the best. And we want to make sure they’re always protected! So, if you decide you want to order a Planning Guide, make sure an adult is filling out this form. We do not intend to collect children’s information. Thanks!

Kasey and Evie, Compassion Sunday hosts

“[Compassion Sunday] gave us the opportunity to make a bigger impact than we ever could have on our own.”
— Kasey, who hosted a Compassion Sunday event with her daughter, Evie