Meet Our Team

Eric Brown: Strategic Partnerships Manager
eric brown

After nearly 20 years as a pastor, Eric now works with networks and denominations that wish to partner with Compassion to plant churches in areas of extreme poverty. Eric and his wife, Tara, live in Oregon with their three sons. Eric enjoys surfing, skiing and motorcycles.

Bob Craddock: Strategic Partnerships Manager
bob craddock

After 17 years of church ministry, God started Bob on a new journey. He works with networks, denominations and associations, and leads Compassion’s presence at pastoral conferences and events. Bob lives in Portland with his wife, Noelle and their daughters Kaelee and Emily Taylor.

Marcos Gamez: Church Relations Regional Manager, West Region
marcos gamez

Marcos grew up in urban poverty and is a passionate advocate for children in poverty in the name of Jesus and the local church. A grad of Moody Bible Institute and Fuller Theological Seminary, he has worked in urban ministry for 20+ years (pastor, church planter and Executive Director at World Impact). Marcos and his wife, Susie, live in Los Angeles with their three children.

Kevin Henson: Church Relations Regional Manager, Central Region
kevin henson

After more than 20 years as a pastor, Kevin now empowers U.S. churches to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. He is inspired by Compassion’s strategy to work with indigenous churches. Kevin lives in Houston with his wife, Kerry, and children Kayla and Luke.

Rob Kelly: Church Relations Regional Manager, West Region
rob kelly

Rob served as a pastor for 29 years. His devotion to helping people discover and live out their part of God’s story continues through Compassion. Colorado is home to Rob and his wife, Carol Ann, their 3 grown daughters and grandchildren. Running enthusiast. Ice Cream connoisseur.

Mark Kirchgestner: Church Relations Director, West Region
mark kirchgestner

As a lifelong Californian Mark loves the ocean. It reminds him of God’s heart for the world. He has a 25-year history in ministry (Young Life, International Justice Mission and pastor) and lives in San Francisco with his wife, Lisa, and two grown children, Luke and Karis.

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Matt Kitchen: Church Relations Regional Manager, Northeast Region
matt kitchen

After more than 20 years as a pastor, Matt received a clear calling to build into local churches around the globe and help children reach their full potential through Compassion. Matt and his wife, Marci, live in Illinois with their three daughters, Mattison, Maci, and Marli.

Lorie Lee: Church Engagement Manager
lorie lee

Lorie is passionate about raising global kids and authored a children’s book based on her Compassion sponsored child and her son becoming friends and sharing dreams. A former teacher, she introduces U.S. churches to Compassion’s hands-on learning experiences. Lorie lives in Colorado with her husband, Scott, and son, Maddox.

Scott Limerick: Church Relations Regional Manager, Southeast Region
scott limerick

After 14 years as a worship pastor and church planter, Scott found Compassion. He and his wife Kim are fans of the Braves, Red Sox and Tarheels. They have three kids (so far) including two grown children and a sponsored child who, Scott brags, is amazing at soccer.

Paul Loyless: Church Relations Director, Central Region
paul loyless

In July 2011, Paul took a vision trip with Compassion to Tanzania, and his life took a radical turn. He sold his successful church marketing company and devoted his life to working with Compassion. He is supported by his wife Stacey and their two young daughters.

Kevin Myers: Church Relations Director, Southeast Region
kevin myers

Kevin felt called to full-time ministry after 20 years in the healthcare industry. He lives in the mountains of North Carolina with his wife, Veresa, and two teenagers who often serve at churches alongside him. He is a long-suffering fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Mark Pellingra: Church Relations Director, Northeast Region
mark pellingra

Mark is passionate about bringing God's redemption and restoration to the world. Before joining Compassion, Mark was a business owner and served on a church leadership team. He lives in New York with his wife, Yvonne. They have two grown children.

Trina Pockett: Church Engagement Manager
trina pockett

Trina is a student of adversity and faith. After a difficult journey through cancer, Trina fully realizes that life is a precious gift from God. She is married to Jeff and has three kids-who keep her on her toes. She loves a good book, time with friends, and caramel macchiatos (non-fat, no foam).

Samuel Polanco: Church Relations Manager
samuel polanco

Samuel is a former Compassion-sponsored child from the Dominican Republic. As a member of the Church Engagement team, Samuel speaks in U.S. churches on behalf of children in poverty. Additionally, he is also a recording engineer, musician, singer and associate pastor.

Ben Rough: Strategic Partnerships Director
ben rough

Ben has a giant heart for the church and enjoys establishing partnerships that advance God’s Kingdom. He believes that being bald is beautiful, which is good since he’s out of other options. Ben lives in Atlanta with his wife, Vanessa, and their three children.

Justin Sogoian: Church Relations Director
justin sogoian

After spending sixteen years as a pastor, Justin received a clear calling to partner with God and build up His church. He joined Compassion in 2009. A former UCLA football player, Justin will be your friend even if you are a USC fan. Justin lives with his wife Caitlin and their two daughters, Josslyn and Adalyn

Brian Weber: Church Relations Regional Manager, Northeast Region
brian weber

Brian served as a pastor near Philly for 15 years. He is passionate about serving impoverished people, building cross-cultural partnerships, and mobilizing churches toward outward generosity. Brian is married with four children, is a sports fan and loves spending time outdoors.

Matt Wilson: Church Relations Regional Manager, Southeast Region
matt wilson

Matt has a passion to connect local churches and a heart to care for vulnerable children around the world. A seminary grad, Matt and his wife, Michelle are parents to Jessie, Miriam, and Jianna. The Wilsons proudly fly the Ugandan national flag at home since Miriam was born there!

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