A Pastor's Perspective on Compassion International

Church Engagement A Pastor's Perspective

For more than 60 years, Compassion has provided child sponsorship as a meaningful spiritual activity that helps churches grow followers of Christ.

Globally and locally, Compassion’s child sponsorship helps churches grow followers of Christ. In this video, Pastor Chris Brown shares how North Coast Church in San Diego uses child sponsorship as a practical application of biblical principles that the church teaches.

Each dot, below, represents a church that uses child sponsorship as a ministry tool to give congregants an enriched global perspective in the context of missions. Click on a dot to read how Compassion can impact a church.

The sponsors in these churches are being spiritually formed to God’s heart of compassion and are putting faith into action by giving financially, praying and writing letters to their sponsored children.

Likely, many parents are discipling their own children as they participate as a family in child sponsorship.

Together, Your Church and Compassion Can:

  • Raise local awareness of global issues
  • Connect congregants to the developing world in the context of missions
  • Present an opportunity to follow Christ’s example of compassion by using child sponsorship
  • Empower congregants to impact children for Christ—at home and around the world