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For many children living in poverty in El Salvador, especially in rural areas, access to a quality education is unattainable. In fact, studies show that 75% of third graders and 66% of sixth graders in El Salvador read below their grade level. Many schools are overcrowded and do not have the proper resources to provide students with a strong education. Compassion staff members in El Salvador saw this problem and decided to act. So, with the help of generous friends like you, 13 Compassion church partners across the country built libraries to help improve children’s education. Now, Compassion-assisted children in these communities have access to books and a safe place to do their homework. One child who especially benefited from the library is Wilbur. At 13, Wilbur could not read. But when the library opened at his Compassion center, he was motivated to learn how to read. And with the help of his Compassion tutor, he is now back in school and reading. Thank you for providing children across the globe the opportunity to learn, grow and hope for the future!

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