What Are Honor Cards?

gift catalog honor card cover

Giving a gift in honor of your friend or family member is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Choose a gift and enter the donation amount.
  • Check out and submit your donation.
  • Send your honor card.

We have a variety of cards to choose from for all occasions.

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True Charitable Gifts That Give Back

No matter where you are in your life right now, a child needs your help. Shop Compassion International’s gift catalog and find a gift that truly does give back. Your individual contribution is life changing for children living in poverty around the world. Lead with Compassion and help us reduce global poverty one child at a time.

$50 Provides Life, Strength, Hope & Healing

It’s only $50 to give a charitable contribution to an entire family with Compassion International. $50 goes a long way for children and families living in extreme poverty. With your contribution you can provide families with life changing supplies such as healthcare, education, food and more. These essentials through your contribution alleviate stress within families and give them room to grow and time to heal. Consider giving a charitable gift today, or sponsor a child in need.

Donate with Specific Charitable Gifts for Kids & Families

Don’t want to act through monetary means alone? Browse our gift catalog and find the many individual ways you can support children and families in need.