The world is full of bad news. The weight of grief can be overwhelming. How do we make a difference when the sadness seems tsunami-sized?

Together, we can make a lasting difference. Let's raise awareness of Compassion's programming and find sponsors for waiting children.

Join the RevoBLUEtion against poverty!

Here's how:

  1. Wear Compassion blue—or any blue—and proclaim the day Compassion BLUEsday. (You can even dye your hair blue, if you like.)
  2. Take a pic and post it on social media.
  3. Tag #CompassionBluesday #CompassionGoBlue #RevoBLUEtion and @CompassionInternational
  4. Add a comment to your post, asking friends and family to donate here:

*Kids: please check with your parents for permission before posting on social media (or dyeing your hair).

Becky Antkowiak

Whether you wear your heart on your sleeve or in your hair, show everyone Compassion.

Becky Antkowiak

See more ways to care for impoverished children in the Compassion 2021 Gift Catalog.

Sponsor a Child Today

As you exchange letters, send photos and offer encouragement in Jesus' name, your love will bring hope to a child that will last a lifetime. Sponsor a child today! Just click on a child's photo to learn more.

Every photo shows a child who urgently needs a sponsor. Which child will you choose to sponsor?