Thank You for Your Gift of Water Filters

For many communities in poverty, the problem is not that they do not have access to water — it is that they do not have access to clean water. In El Salvador, many families face this exact challenge. With the help of friends like you, centers in El Salvador were able to provide water filters to thousands of children and their families. The filters make water safe to drink and to use to wash hands, clean dishes and brush teeth. They greatly lower the risk of infection and disease for children and their families. The children and families who were given water filters also received training on waterborne illness prevention and proper hygiene as well as filter installation and maintenance. “We have benefited with the donation of a filter,” Kenia Marciela, the mother of a registered child, says, “which is a great blessing for our family and for our neighbors with whom we have the opportunity to share the filtered water.” And the best part is, stories like this are happening all over the globe — thanks to your generosity!

Because of Your Generosity

Watch how children are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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