The country of Burkina Faso faces a meningitis epidemic almost every year. This disease is particularly threatening because it comes on suddenly, progresses rapidly and can have lifelong effects like hearing loss or mental disorders. It is a devastating disease, but it’s also preventable. However, many families in poverty cannot afford or do not have access to the vaccination necessary to prevent it. The Compassion staff in Burkina Faso decided to do something about this tragic reality. And with the help of generous friends like you, 30 Compassion partner churches provided meningitis vaccinations that are protective for three years to 2,852 children. In addition, each of the churches also provided education to children and caregivers about the causes, transmission and prevention of the disease. “The number of children at risk of meningitis has been reduced as a result of this intervention,” says Laure, a leader at one of the churches. “Caregivers no longer have to worry about vaccinating their children because the church made it possible.” Your gift of vaccinations brings health, security and hope to communities all around the world — thank you!

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