Brazil is a country of extremes. While many parts of the country are thriving economically, the poorest areas are only becoming poorer. And one of the key indicators of this extreme poverty is a failing education system. One out of every three children in fifth grade are unable to read, and one out of five children in large cities do not master reading and writing by the time they finish elementary school. At a Compassion center in Paulista Pernambuco, Brazil, staff aren’t content standing by and watching the teens they minister to struggle. Because partners like you gave textbooks, staff and tutors at the center are working to improve literacy numbers. They have formed “The Writing and Reading Factory” to assist children identified as struggling with reading and writing. A literacy tutor was hired to work with the children and teens directly, and each child has received their very own books to read. In all, 80 children are learning the powerful skills of reading and writing because you generously provided textbooks and support — thank you!

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