Sewing Workshop

More than 45% of Peruvians are underemployed — meaning they are unable to find regular, sustained, full-time work. Only one in four have stable labor with benefits. The El Agustino district of Lima is a perfect example of this issue. Young adults there drop out of school to find work, but without training or a university education, they can only find day labor work, most of which disappeared during the pandemic. But because of your support of sewing workshops, a Compassion center in this community was able to hold sewing workshops for the teens in the center. The 130 students in these classes are overseen by a hired professional and are able to use the sewing machines and industrial cutter purchased by the center. Each student not only learns to sew but also attends business classes to learn about income generation. Additionally, staff at the center have partnered with a certification institution, so each student who completes the classes has a certificate to present when searching for a job. And this is all because friends like you saw the value in teaching young adults a skill that can be used to fight poverty. Thank you!

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