Safe Playground

Every child deserves a safe place to run and play. Nine Compassion centers in Ethiopia acted on that belief by requesting safe playgrounds for the 2,055 children in their care. One center in particular had seen the devastation of children NOT having a safe place to play — they had seen three children hurt or killed by playing in unsafe streets or near a dangerously deep river. Because friends like you gave to provide safe playgrounds, children at that center now have a safe place to play with their friends. At those nine centers, debris was cleared, the ground was leveled and playground equipment was installed. As a result, child participation numbers have also increased — kids can’t wait to have their turn on the playground! “I want to express my gratitude to the donors who assisted us in overcoming the difficulties we faced in the building process of a child and youth-friendly environment,” says Nekatibeb, a pastor at one of the Compassion church partners. Thank you for seeing just how important a safe playground is for the growth and development of children in poverty!

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