Safe Playground

Access to safe spaces to play is crucial to the holistic development of children. Playgrounds offer opportunities to exercise, develop coordination, and use creativity and imagination, as well as make friends and practice social skills. Four Compassion church partners in Rwanda know these realities all too well. They were each lacking a playground, and they knew that the children under their care were missing out on important physical and social development. But with the help of generous friends like you, all four of these churches were able to build safe playgrounds for their children to use. And they were a huge hit! For many of the children, this was their first time having access to a playground. “We really enjoy playing on the swings at the church,” says Jean, a Compassion-assisted child. “Because we have several swings, we can all play in the swings area at the same time and there is so much joy. Through playing together, our friendships have definitely improved.” Your gift of a safe playground provides children with a space to play, learn and develop — thank you!

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