Mosquito Net

Malaria is among the most serious public health issues in Burkina Faso. While all are at risk, it is particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women. A fourth of all malaria cases in Burkina Faso are in the Cascades and Mouhoun Loop regions, where Compassion has 24 centers. Because of gifts from partners like you, each of these centers is now able to provide mosquito nets to the children in their care. Staff at these centers have provided two long-lasting, treated mosquito nets to each of the 2,250 children registered there. Each child and their family also received training on how to use the nets and how to reduce the threat of malaria at their homes. “The parents and caregivers of the beneficiaries are touched by the love shown to them in the name of Jesus,” says Hermann, a project director at one of the centers. “The children have committed themselves to fighting the disease by sleeping under the mosquito nets that have been given to them. We have also seen a very significant decrease in our health spending meaning less cases of malaria.” Thank you for providing mosquito nets to children in poverty!

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