In Rwanda, the staff at three Compassion centers watched as more and more of the caregivers in their communities were struggling to find work – making breaking the cycle of poverty nearly impossible. “Many beneficiaries of this [center] do not have jobs; this also affects the family relationships. Men escape their homes for lack of funds to feed their families and this affects children in the homes,” observed Kiyombe, a center director in the Nyagatare district. The staff at these centers got together and brainstormed ways they could sustainably help — and came up with the idea of providing training to raise pigs. Because of supporters like you, 250 families were able to receive piglets as part of an income generation initiative. Families will raise the piglets and eventually be able to breed them. Manure from the pigs will be sold in the market and used in family gardens, multiplying the small investment. Compassion staff in this region believe that pig farming will become a transforming tool for these families — and we are so grateful that your gift is making this possible. Thank you!

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