Thank You for Your Gift of Pigs

Three child development centers in northern Kenya saw that most adults in their community make a living by farming on a small scale. And often the land they farm on is not fertile. This causes an unsteady source of income and a great challenge in supporting a family. What is the solution? Pigs. Pigs can change everything for children and families in poverty! Thanks to friends like you who gave the gift of pigs, 200 families in this community will receive pigs. The staff at the center have provided training on entrepreneurship and pig farming to 23 families, plus they have constructed pig pens for each. Next, these 23 families will receive piglets. Over the next months, the pigs will multiply and be distributed to a total of 200 families in Kenya. The gift of pigs will economically empower these families, which will then influence and empower the children in their homes. Your gift of pigs is helping to end the cycle of poverty in Kenya, and around the world, in Jesus’ name! Thank you for your generosity.

Because of Your Generosity

Watch how children are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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