Music Lessons

Marlon lives with his parents in a high-risk community in El Salvador. Many young men his age have dropped out of school and are involved in local gangs. But Marlon performs as first violinist of the Symphonic Orchestra of Compassion International El Salvador! Because supporters like you gave the gift of music lessons, Marlon is able to share the musical knowledge he’s learned at the center with other children eager to find a different path. Compassion El Salvador has run a symphony orchestra for nearly a decade — and every year, because of generous donors like you, they are able to expand their offerings. The Symphonic Orchestra currently has 135 players who regularly hold concerts for their communities. “We used music as a means to make children understand God’s love for them in a more personal and deeper way. Through each song they played, they were memorizing God’s Word, understanding his truths and thus developing a clearer understanding of who God is,” says Silvia with Compassion El Salvador. Music lessons are giving children skills, confidence and a way to express themselves — thank you for your support!

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