In a rural community in southern Uganda, most people work as farmers. The levels of education in this area are low, with limited opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty. Many caregivers are unable to meet the cost of their families’ most basic needs, like food, shelter, clothing, school fees and health care. As a result, they leave the area in search of menial jobs on tea plantations. However, a Compassion partner church in this community decided to step in to help the families in their community in a big way. With the support of generous friends like you who gave livestock, the church has provided 77 families with goats and 56 families with sheep. The caregivers received training to care for and breed their livestock, so the animals will multiply and can be sold. The income that each family makes will help them become self-reliant and provide for their needs. Your gift of livestock is truly empowering children and their families to escapethe cycle of poverty in Jesus’ name — thank you!

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